Something horrible has happened and Ken does not know what. A plane explosion? Alien kidnappers? Quantum Teleportation? It does not matter! What matters is that thousands of innocent eggs are now falling from the sky! What is a rooster to do, other than panic? Save them, of course! Tilt your device to guide Ken the Rooster on a race to catch as many eggs as he can! Every time you miss an egg, Ken's panic will increase. 6 strikes and it's game over. But not all eggs are created equal, and some must be avoided! If caught, rotten eggs lower your score and evil pirate eggs increase your panic. And then there are the blue gambler eggs! What can they be? Will they lower your panic? Give you huge bonus points? Increase your panic? Decrease it? You will have to decide if you want to gamble on these! ©2011-2012 Starsman Games LLC. All rights reserved.